Hexagons for 3D Printing and Laser Cutting

Max Funkner
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These are hexagons that can be 3D printed and laser cut. I created them for the following guides:

3D Printing Guide:

How to Design and 3D Print Hexagons

Machine used: Upgraded Original Prusa i3 MK25S;

Laser Cutting Guide

How to Design Hexagons for Laser Cutting

Machine used: Snapmaker 2.0 A350T with a 10W laser module.

Here you will find the following STL and SVG hexagon files:

Half-cut Red Cabbage, Tennis, 2DBenchy and

Hexagon Frame: 120 x 103.92 x 2 mm for custom designs if you want to stay within the dimensions.

These items were easy to create and therefore I am selling them for $0. If you like my work or/and guides and pay for this file at a custom price, it will support me and encourage me to carry on with other projects.

I want this!

4x STL and 3x SVG files

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